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DJ Spooky at EGS

Paul Miller discusses his work in the various museums and talks about nonlinear narrative. I like the work and the attitute of the presenter but don’t accept the concept of linearity or non-linearity in relation to narrative (digital or otherwise).

The guy in the audience is not respectful but seems to be making some confused sense. He’s right in that the splicing and remixing of Vertov in a public place is become non-narrative mish-mash and that the narrative emerges in the reflection on the event or social exchange that occurs at the event around the vjs display. The art object loses narrative but in the process of its performance generates narrative. Not really sure what his point is? that narrative is lost becasue it is not organised in a plot? He might have a point? Problem is we have not all encompassing definition of narrative to work off in this exchange.

I liked the reference to Walter Fischer. Within an oral context the story gets altered as it is passed along. Must take a look at Walter Ong again!