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Sketch of Prototype 01

Below are some sketches of Prototype 01. This piece is a setup to explore what people do in a sceanrio wher a responsive work catches their attention. The work is installed in a corridor space people use on a day to day basis. The function of teh work is to stop and hold passersby.

The work is designed through a conbination of Actionscript , Processing and PHP. Due  to problems with accessign camera data through processing on Windows 7 Flash was used to capture video data and evaluate it for motion. It then passes coordinates through a network socket to Processing. Processing was then used to draw particles to teh screens that followed to movement of people in teh space. The particles unveil an image to people but this not fully obvious unless they stop in front of the work. When no motion is detected teh particles are scaled, or popped, to reveal the image data underneath. The idea is to draw people in and then surprise them with the imagery.

This first stage prototype is design to start looking at what people do in a situation guided by an artwork and look at methods for evaluating what they do. How their behaviour or actions might be indicative of the significance they attribute to the work underlys the reaserch questions.

Technically there are a number of issues that will now be addressed in the next prototype which related to multiviewer interaction.

32m Radio Telescope

Was asked today if I would be interested in developing some artwork with a 32m Radio Telescope. Blackrock Castle Observatory gained access to the telescope which they upgraded with a digital fiber optic so live data streams can be sent directly from to a desktop computer is just outside Cork on the east side near Midleton Cork.

The telescope is pictured in an Irish Times article published just yesterday.