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MediaArtTube – Audio-reactive Multitouch Installation

Responsive Installation courtesy of MediaArtTube:

It explores the boundaries of viewer participation through both direct and indirect participation as an analogy to concepts of causality and responsibility.
By approaching the installation, the viewer indirectly influences the system by sound and movement. Through direct contact, the manipulation becomes a choice — a recognised responsibility.
The viewer, inadvertently or purposefully, is always a Creator.
The Creators was conceived, coded and debuted in the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Sydney with Processing, Quartz Composer, GLGraphics, Toxiclibs, Proscene, OSCP5, TUIO and a lot of passion.
More info: http://www.thecreators.tv/

Prototype1 – Multi-Camera Tracking and Remote Server

Having tested in public a decision to test in Processing for speed was taken. Processing was found to be more efficient for the current work. While the Trailer Class in AS3 was a particle system (PS) written from scratch, in Processing an existing PS and adapted it to my own purposes [cite this later]. Having worked on using teh PS to reveal an image it was necessary to pass the camera tracking data from AS3 to Processing. This was achieved through using an XML socket. This tested well on a localhost running Apache.

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Ying Gao Fashion

Direct quotation from page with youtube link:
Canadian fashion designer Ying Gao (born in China in 1973) playfully explores the aesthetic potential at the interface of fashion, art and technology. The current solo show at plug.in in Basel presents five projects that exemplary stand for Ying Gaos approach: Indice de lindifférence, (uni)forms, Walking City, Living Pod, Swiss quality 1.
Go here for more.