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Technarte Bilbao

Technarte is an international conference on art and technology that has been taking place in Bilbao from 2006. After seven editions, Technarte has become one of the most important events of its kind in Europe. The main aim of Technarte is to present technological developments that enhance a broader expression of modern art, and to provide a forum for debate and reflection on the convergence between technology and art. In Technarte, the interaction between Technological Innovation and Contemporary Art applies to reality; the state-of-the-art technological innovations allow artists to explore endless possibilities; and the technological society uses the creativity of the artists as an inspiration to new technological projects.

The technarte programme is available here.

Will Carey’s Gifted

The way in which Will Carey articulates his ideas in relation to this project demonstrates a use of narrative. For example children are protaganists in potention futures. This might be useful in helping to explain where my method is distinct yet connected to approaches such as this.

“Gifted is a participatory project inspired by children’s imaginations, and in which children are the protagonists. The prototypes I have created materialise an imaginary future where ability is considered before birth and influenced via training and parental supervision throughout the child’s development.”

Start looking for more information on Will Carey’s work is available here.

The Golden Institute

Sascha Pohflepp’s graduation project at the RCA is an example of how an artist explicitly uses counterfactual histories as a way of presenting other possible worlds. The counterfactual helps to focus what is particular about our own contemporary actual worlds.

“Positioned at the right spot in the past, such counterfactual histories might offer an understanding of the forces at work as well as a fresh perspective on our present challenges. ”

The tongue in cheek approach is demonstrated in the video below and is less interesting to me than the idea of incorporating counterfactual worlds as a method of producing content that arrests attention because of how it is offset from the world we live in and experience.

Sascha Pohflepp – The Golden Institute from Sascha Pohflepp on Vimeo.

Further details of Sascha’s work is available here: http://www.di09.rca.ac.uk/sascha-pohflepp/the-golden-institute

Attenborough Design Group

Amusing design. James Chalmers graduated in 2010 from RCA in London. The quote below gives come outline of what the Attenborough Design Group is about and is quoted directly from the RCA Design Interactions 2010 exhibition catalogue which is online at: http://www.di10.rca.ac.uk/introduction.html

“The Attenborough Design Group (ADG) is a fictional organisation charged with investigating the use of animal behaviours to defend emerging technologies. I am proposing an alternative history in which the ADG developed a number of products exploring the needs of various new technologies as they emerged during the late 20th century. These products include the Gesundheit Radio, which sneezes periodically to expel potentially damaging dust, Floppy Legs, a portable floppy disk drive which stands up if it detects liquid nearby, and the AntiTouch Lamp, which sways away from you if you get too close to its sensitive halogen bulb.”

The Attenborough Design Group from Tom Judd on Vimeo.