Currently I am engaged in a research degree at University of Plymouth. My PhD is in the area of Art and Technology and  relates to how narrative functions within the context of responsive artworks. Broadly I am motivated by the crossover between narratology, social theory and cognitive science when ideas in these fields are brought to bear on artistic practice.

The research specifically addresses how narrative operates in the space around interactive artworks and the role that responsive artworks play in triggering narrative thinking. Rather than looking at how narrative is structured or perceived in relation to an artwork’s prescribed content the research instead looks at how it functions, or is utilised, in a dialogue between humans and responsive artefacts.

The practice is influenced by contemporary work in HCI and narrative theory. The practical work being produced is speculative and typically incorporates technologies that allow an artwork to respond to events within its environment. The resulting dialogue that occurs between people and the work is the centre of the research interest and the intention is to contribute to knowledge about methods that supports creative arts research as well as making a contribution to narrative theory from the perspective of  knowledge generated by practice-based arts research.

In addition to this research I participate in the work of a number of research boards, conferences, journal publications, and support the organisation of contemporary art & technology exhibitions at the Wandesford Gallery in Cork.

Current and recent activities include:

  • Member of the Programme Committee for Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC).
  • Program Chair for Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference 2011.
  • Member of the International Programme Committee for ‘Rethinking Technology in Museums’ 2011.
  • Member of the Programme Committee for ‘Create11’, London 2011.
  • Organiser of Boundary Works Exhibition Series( Art & Science) in Collaboration with University of Plymouth and Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Member of editorial committee for Ubiquity. Journal of the Internet of Things. (Intellect, UK).
  • Member of the review panel for Digital Creativity (Routledge, UK)
  • Chair of the Postgraduate Research Committee CIT Crawford College of Art & Design.
  • Member of the Postgraduate Research Board of Cork Institute of Technology.

Some visual documentation of recent events can be seen here.