Kinect3D Client-Server

Am currently working a client server application for the Kinect3D. I am looking to take data from the Kinect and send it over a socket connection so it can be accessed in other applications such as Flash, Processing and Unity3D.

Will have a basic working prototype shortly for testing which takes joint data from a tracked skeleton and sends it over the web to a server that then distributes it an client that subscribes to the server.

It’s been written for PC only and developed in VS2012 with C#. Earlier I experienced poor support for the connect via Processing forums so decided to take this rout. the release of the K3D SDK by Microsoft last June supports the decision to go with C#. My immediate goal is to get the data into Unity3D where I can do some public prototyping.

The illustration below shows the current state of the Kinect client and server applications.Plenty to be done still.