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Interactive Narratives is designed to capture the best of online visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists from around the country and the world. Our goal is to highlight rich-media content, engaging storytelling, and eye-popping design in an environment that fosters interaction, discussion, and learning.
The site is sponsored by the Online News Association, which works to foster innovation among online journalists and help those journalists, freelancers, academics, and students learn from the best practitioners in the field and from each other.
Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Endless links to inspirational multimedia
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32m Radio Telescope

Was asked today if I would be interested in developing some artwork with a 32m Radio Telescope. Blackrock Castle Observatory gained access to the telescope which they upgraded with a digital fiber optic so live data streams can be sent directly from to a desktop computer is just outside Cork on the east side near Midleton Cork.

The telescope is pictured in an Irish Times article published just yesterday.