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Artefacts at Cork Public Museum

The aretfacts at the museum are organised under two broad categories, history and archaeology, and range from physical ancient and modern objects, uniforms and civilian clothing, books, etc. The museum also has a large archive of historical written documents and photographs. A distinctive feature of the museum is that many of the artfacts are preserved for viewing in glass cases and therefore limit the action of visitors to a visual channel. The museum itself was recently extended and is a pleasant spacious environment to walk around. It is situated in Fitzgeralds Park which  ajoins a beautiful  recreation amenity with the banks of the River Lee.

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Meeting in Cork Public Museum

I met with Dan Breen Assistant Curator at the Cork Public Musem in Fitzgerald Park, Cork City.  We discussed possibilities for moving forward immediately and some potential projects as the basis for proposals that can be offered to students.

Visit to Cork Butter Museum

I met with Peter Foynes Director of the Cork Butter Museum this morning. We discussed the rationale and possible benefits of a collaboration between CIT and the museum. We also discussed possibilities for specific projects and agreed to proceed on the basis of generating proposals that can be offered to students.

Survey of Cork City Gaol

Today I met again with Elizabeth Kearns, the manager of Cork City Gaol, to discuss moving the project forward. After a short discussion about the goals of the museum Elizabeth kindly introduced me to some of the exhibits. At this point it is necessary to establish some of the possibilities that the museum site has to offer with regards to interaction design projects. A number of project briefs will be tailored to support the research group at CIT and the design requirements at of the museum.

I spent took some time to document the site and a selection of image below provide a snapshot of what currently is on offer at the museum.

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32m Radio Telescope

Was asked today if I would be interested in developing some artwork with a 32m Radio Telescope. Blackrock Castle Observatory gained access to the telescope which they upgraded with a digital fiber optic so live data streams can be sent directly from to a desktop computer is just outside Cork on the east side near Midleton Cork.

The telescope is pictured in an Irish Times article published just yesterday.