About The Site

This site was established initially for the purpose of collecting ideas recorded during the course of  doing a PhD at University of Plymouth in Art & Technology.  It was intended to operate as a way of building up a body of draft writings  some of which will eventually find their way into the final thesis and other publications. As such it was not designed to be set of fixed ideas formalised and finished but a collection of ideas and writings in progress that are tested out, reviewed and challenged over time. It therefore contained many statements over time that are inaccurate or the product of some speculation.

I intend  in the coming months to change the function of the site from an archive to a space that supports a more active dialogue with people interested in narrative in new media. The site will continue to be hidden from search engines until a suitable structure for the forum is tested.

Currently the main categories in the website are organised under the headings of Contemporary Practice, Interaction, and Narrative all of which are subservient to art practice.  There are other sections currently hidden from public view and some posts will be unavailable until you register and log in to the site.

Currently anyone can register by following the link to the right of the page.